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Welcome to Hoax

Located in the heart of W1, London HOAX STUDIOS is a professional web broadcasting and audio-production facility offering; live video webchats; audio post-production; sound design; V/O recording; ISDN; down-the-line radio days.



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What We Do

  • Audio-production & sound design
  • Voiceovers
  • ISDN
  • Webchat studios
  • Radio commercial production
  • Voice to picture
  • Media training
  • Web conferencing

Inside the Studio

This plush facility contains a large voice booth catering for 3 voiceovers on mic and up to 8 guests in the green room.

The sunlit Green Room looks directly into the voice booth and features the best coffee in the capital.

HOAX STUDIOS also features a fully soundproofed and modular web studio catering for live video webchats, presenter-led Q&A filming and live web conferencing.


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